Did you know that your teeth and oral health affect how you age? Your teeth support the lower part of your face – when you have tooth loss, periodontal disease, tooth wear from clenching or grinding or even sleep disorders – not only are these conditions unhealthy, but they mean more wrinkles, collapsed facial features and an overall aged appearance. In this situation, reaching out to an expert who is known to offer Invisalign in Owensboro and several effective dental treatments can surely be a boost.

When you lose teeth or clench and grind your teeth, the distance between your nose and chin decreases, creating more slack in your skin, which equals wrinkles. This can indeed make it inconvenient for you to keep it up with your daily skincare routine as well. Let us help you protect yourself from the aging effects of oral health problems!! We are a leading name for Invisalign in Owensboro, who has helped our patients to get the best solution.