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Tender Loving Dentistry

Every once in a while, we all need to be cared for and made to feel truly special. We may need relief from pain or perhaps help to overcome an issue that is affecting our self-esteem. At Valerie Warren DMD, we pamper you from the moment you step through the door. Why? Because we recognize the impact your wellness can have on both your physical and emotional health.

Dr. Valerie Warren has always been fascinated by health and the use of natural remedies combined with scientific study. This led her on a journey to provide a higher standard of dentistry that not only boosts your smile but impacts your whole self.

Discover how our elite cosmetic dentist combines an extraordinary spa-like patient experience with whole-health treatments that could change your life.

Meet Dr. Valerie Warren

Setting a new whole-health trend in dentistry.

Our dentist in Owensboro, KY, loves to connect with patients and show them how the right kind of dentistry can enhance their life. Dr. Valerie Warren has always been an advocate for continued education as it allows her to pass her knowledge onto her patients and guide her patients to a sustainable health routine.

‘‘I strive to provide you with the best care available, in the best facility available, from an honest, kind, and caring provider. One who has the highest level of education and who'll treat you like her own family.

Dr. Valerie Warren

I am a cosmetic and family dentist from Owensboro, KY. I am married to my husband Chris and together we have three awesome sons – Stephen, Hayden, and Nolan.

I knew I wanted a career that provided me the opportunity to care for and connect with people. I explored all aspects of healthcare and decided dentistry allowed me to combine my love for people, science, beauty, and my skill in art.

I am a very sensitive person. I like it when people smile at me. From the time I was a little girl, I judged whether I had gained a teacher’s approval by whether she smiled at me or not. This led me to my belief that a smile, both given and received, can change the way we feel and live.

Away from dentistry, I love to exercise, anything nutrition and health-related, and love being a mom. I like to travel, admire the beauty of nature, and all things associated with personal beauty and betterment – I have developed a very holistic lifestyle and practice.

Her Credentials:
  • More than 18 years dental experience

  • Highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry

  • International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Trained

  • Attends Clinical Mastery Series

They seem genuinely glad to see you. They are always pleasant and efficient in doing their job. Very seldom do you have to wait unless you are early for your appointment. Dr. Valerie Warren and her staff is a great team and a super place to visit.

Terri S. (Actual Patient)

Dr. Warren is the best! I am also a dentist and I chose her to be MY dentist! She uses the best materials, the best techniques, and the best lab. I was completely comfortable throughout my treatment and I know this is how she treats all of her patients. Look no further!

Linel H. (Actual Patient)

I had recently switched to Dr. Warren's practice approximately a year and a half ago. I am very glad I made that decision. She is very knowledgeable and courteous. Not only her but her staff does an amazing job as well. They also work closely with your insurance company to provide the best care at an affordable price.

Iogan D. (Actual Patient)

Life-Inspired Healthcare

Sharing our smiles so you can share yours.

Throughout Dr. Valerie Warren’s life, she has seen the importance of spending time with patients and providing a superior service during every visit. She wants you to feel confident in the care you receive and bask in the comfort of being cared for by a skilled dental professional. But if doesn’t stop there…

Real Friendships

Imagine being able to implicitly trust your healthcare professional as if she were a close friend. This is the kind of close relationship Dr. Warren desires to achieve with all her patients. Her deep concern for all people leads her to spend time getting to know you as an individual, listening to your concerns, and going above and beyond to meet your personal needs. To our dentist and team, you are family!

Distinguishing Quality

Not all dentists are the same. In fact, the level of training and expertise can vary enormously. Dr. Valerie Warren has dedicated herself to be part of the elite so you can benefit from reliable and superior healthcare. She has pursued extensive training and attends regular courses to stay ahead of the curve. Her knowledge is only matched by her compassion for patients and dedication to only using the best materials and technology in our office.

Your Pamper Sessions

Wouldn’t visiting the dentist be so much easier if it were more like a visit to the spa or beauty salon? Well, at Valerie Warren DMD that is exactly the type of atmosphere we provide. We even have an esthetician who can help you with BOTOX® or your skincare needs. Your smile is just the first step to renewed confidence and overall wellness.

Holistic & Organic Services
We have your best interests at heart when guiding you to optimal health.

Dentistry is no longer just about your teeth and gums. Through scientific research and out-of-the-box thinking, dentists like Dr. Valerie Warren have discovered how your smile impacts your overall health. With this in mind, our Owensboro, KY dentist has dedicated herself to providing a range of whole-health services.

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Comprehensive Care
Your family’s health is our primary concern. We use preventative treatments to maintain your smile and also prevent whole-health issues from taking shape.


Comprehensive Care

At our office, we believe in the importance of comprehensive dentistry. Dr. Valerie Warren has formulated a patient exam that combines real comforts with meticulous investigation to ensure nothing is undiagnosed.

Our dentist’s strong belief in the correlation of your oral health and overall health is seen in the services we provide and the technology we use. What’s more, we are a holistic practice, using only biocompatible materials and emphasizing the importance of an aesthetically-pleasing finished result.

Dr. Warren is committed to your family’s safety, health, and well-being. Everything is in place to make your experience unique and worthwhile.

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Smile Makeovers
Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign® are just some of the ways we can transform your smile. Enjoy improved skincare too with our BOTOX® options.


Smile Makeovers

No matter what treatment you receive, we add an element of class and beauty to ensure the end result is truly breathtaking. Dr. Valerie Warren has a modern artistic flair that makes her dentistry unique from other providers. She has the ability to make small, discreet tweaks to your smile or perform a comprehensive transformation.

In order to achieve your new smile, Dr. Warren sits down and discusses your wants and needs. She’ll provide an outline of your options and will explain how she can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Dr. Warren is an extremely skilled cosmetic dentist and has received training in the following:

  • KoR and Zoom Whitening
  • Invisalign®
  • BOTOX® training from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics
  • Porcelain Veneers

She also uses a world-class dental lab, Gold Dust Dental Lab, where she can access the best materials and restorations available.

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Beauty & Function
We are raising the bar when it comes to restorative dental care. Our skilled dentist is able to restore your smile with dental implants, natural-looking crowns, and dentures.


Beauty & Function

Dentistry is so much more than white teeth and aligned smiles (although we do love those!). There is a delicate science to each treatment we offer, a science that has a real impact on your full body health.

Dr. Valerie Warren has been trained at some of the top institutes in the country in order to help her patients rediscover a healthy smile. Her expertise can help you not only love your smile but also feel great too!

Using modern, comprehensive care, Dr. Warren can align your bite, help you sleep better, and even replace your missing teeth. Each of these services is performed using the latest technology and the best materials. Plus, you’ll enjoy optimal comfort while journeying to renewed health.

General Dentistry

  • Comprehensive Exams

  • Hygiene

  • Periodontal Therapy

  • Oral Cancer Screening

  • Sedation Dentistry

  • Nightguards

  • Mouthguards

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Dental Bonding

  • Porcelain Veneers

  • Invisalign


Restorative Dentistry

  • Metal-Free Fillings

  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Dentures

  • Dental Implants

  • Extractions

  • TMJ

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Inlays & Onlays

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Convenient Location

Step into comfort with our spa-like dental office. We make each stage of your visit easy and relaxing, starting with our on-site parking and simple-to-find location.

  • 1030 Burlew Blvd Building B, Suite 1
    Owensboro, KY 42303

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Opening Times

Access our special brand of dentistry in Owensboro, KY. We offer a range of appointment times:

  • Monday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

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Spa-Like Experience

The affects of dentistry can be far reaching when offered in an environment that promotes comfort and tranquillity. We house the following to make your sure we you feel pampered:

  • Warm Towels
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • TV’s above chairs
  • Modern chairs
  • Trained Aesthician

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Technologically Advanced

Modern, innovative, comfortable – just some words to describe the equipment we have in our office.

  • Digital x-rays
  • Digital panoramic imaging
  • Diode lasers
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Newest ADEC hand pieces
  • Brand new sterilization equipment

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Valerie Warren DMD is proud to serve the wonderful people of Owensboro, Henderson, Beaver Dam, Philpot, and the surrounding areas.