“Once we believe that our diet, thoughts, emotions, stress levels, sleep quality, and so forth all play a role in our well-being and physical health, we can seek out doctors and practitioners who will take these factors into account and treat us as whole people.”— Heal, Kelly Noonan Gores⠀⠀

Reflecting on my families personal journey to health and wellness and how the knowledge I have gained in the pursuit of absolute truth, has become such a synergistic part of who I am as a Dentist in Owensboro, KY and how I approach the treatment of each and every patient. Precisely, the change that accompanied was:

  • Food became my medicine.
  • Exercise became my therapy.
  • Meditation and prayer became my start and end to my day and essential to my balance.
  • Quality sleep became a priority.

Experiencing the benefits of complete health and how it changed both my life and that of my children, provided a platform of obsessive learning and education in functional dentistry. I absolutely love the comprehensive way we as a team are connecting with each patient while offering the best-in-class Dental Care Owensboro, KY.  During this process, we talk about diet, stress, lifestyle, sleep, teeth alignment and how it affects facial aesthetics and even wrinkles.

Our bodies are really cool, intricately connected systems. The connection of our oral health to our overall health has never been more understood and talked about – from the relationship of our oral microbiome to our gut microbiome, from inflammation of our gums and its correlation to heart disease, Alzheimers, cancer and diabetes, to how our oral health affects aging to diet which is oh so important.⠀

  • What we eat matters.
  • What we think matters.
  • Stress and sleep matter.
  • How we live and how we love – matter.

When it comes to quality of life, I want to thrive into the next 40 years of my life – and I know how important all of these daily factors are in insuring I can do that. I believe, with the right information, the right health care providers and the right decisions, we can age like wine — getting better with time!!